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Maxie - The Lukas Project

Domestic Medium Hair

16 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Female

Minneapolis, MN



Support The Lukas Project: If you would like to help, please visit our website to make a tax-deductible donation or submit a volunteer application if you are interested in volunteering as a hospice foster home for Lukas Project dogs
Name: Maxie
Age and Gender: 15 yrs, female
Here's My Story: Hi, I'm Maxie. I am part of The Lukas Project, PPR's end of life service for rescued animals. I was surrendered to a local shelter after my family moved away and was unable to take me with them. It was determined that I have congestive heart failure, and the shelter contacted PPR to see if they could help me. My foster mom knew that I did not have a lot of time left, and did not want me to die alone and scared. On September 8, my foster mom picked me up at the shelter and now I am home where I get to spend my days snoozing in the sun, and getting love and attention from my foster family. I love attention and will actively seek out my foster mom to be pet. My favorite place to nap is in a cozy bed in the sunshine. I will be a permanent member of PPR, and be loved and spoiled until it is my time to pass on. I am so lucky to have a loving place to live out my last days.
The Lukas Project: In memory of our wonderful German Shepherd rescue dog, Lukas, Pet Project Rescue has created an end of life project called The Lukas Project. This project will provide foster homes to terminally ill dogs and cats in MN shelters. Lukas was rescue in 2010, and suffered from what we believe was Crohn's disease. He was adopted by a wonderfully loving home who gave him everything possible in this world until he passed away in March 2011. Pet Project Rescue provides the care these animals need to make sure they are comfortable and not in pain. When our Lukas Project animals let us know it is time we will help them pass over if needed, but will do so with the love and respect each living creature deserves. We are so blessed to have these wonderful animals in our lives. To support this project, please visit our website to make a tax-deductible donation or submit a volunteer application if you are willing to open your home as a hospice foster for The Lukas Project dogs.

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Minneapolis, MN

(612) 217-4738

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