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Dilute Calico

8 years, 2 months
Small  |  Female

Houston, TX


Mouse-like, soft colors, soft fur, soft voice, and sweet

Softest, sweetest little mouse Don't mistake little Maxine for a big mouse, she's the cuddliest cutest little cat you've seen in a long time. She loves to peer at you from tall places, and when you notice her, oh, the little kisses, then the falling over on her side for belly rubs!
Maxine was rescued from a colony of cats living in a trailer park. The cats were in such danger, many kittens had been torn apart by dogs, adults were driven out into the streets, some starved to death. A kindly man found Maxine hiding her kittens beneath a house and took the little famly in. He kept the kittens, but needed to rehome Maxine. Having spent all her life hiding, you'd think she would be too shy to come out, but right away the purring started.
Maxine loves to be stroked, petted and brushed. She loves to lie next to you, cuddled in the crook of your arm, having her belly rubbed. She's so quiet and sweet, you could forget she's there except for the tiny little meows when she wants to remind you to cuddle.
Maxine is technically a calico, a dilute or pastel calico, but her her lovely coat of many colors shows dove gray, fawn, pale, pale beige, and a touch of silver. She's oh so pretty.
If you'd like to know more about this lovely and shy lady, email foster dad directly at and if you'd like to meet her, go to her webpage at and fill out an online application. She's little, she's lovely, and she'll light up with love!

Adopt Me
Houston, TX

(713) 385-1798

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