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11 months

Melbourne, FL



Please contact Mona ( for more information about this pet.

This cute little female kitten was found at a nearby McDonald's, thus her name. She was sick and has responded to the meds for her kitty cold. In the cage picture you can tell her pupils are dilated (she is stressed), her coat is unkempt, she is a bit thin, and her face is pinched (basically she has a headcold and a temperature and we all know what that feels like).
Since she feels better now, and is over the cold, we can see based on her reactions to humans that she is not quite tame, so we are working with her....she is responding VERY well to the attention.
As of now she is playing with another kitten who is extremely outgoing (see Sasha on our website). Since much of the kitty play activities are "monkey-see / monkey-do", we are hopeful this will pull McFlurry out of her shell.
We have her noted as "no" children and "no" dogs - this is just based on her being skittish, and we will work to introduce her to our dog and any children who visit.
After 3 months, McFlurry is doing okay but she is still skittish. She likes to be petted but not held very much. We think she would do well in a home where she is the only kitty and is able to get a lot of attention.
Please note! For kittens born on the street -- we have no idea when they were born!! We can only guess until they hit a milestone of the adult teeth coming in which occurs at 5 & 1/2 months (the "fangs" or upper canines start coming in).
We are monitoring her for this occurrence, so we can determine her age. Right now she seems to be anywhere from 3-5 months old, based on her body weight. However now that she feels so good, she is eating double what she used to, and is growing like crazy....
We will try to get updated pictures and a video ASAP.
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Melbourne, FL

(321) 752-5120

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