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Large  |  Female

Salt Lake City, UT


This is the girl who puts the "MEI" in amazing. In fact, she's almost famous in some circles. You can't walk around PetSmart without one of her many fans approaching to greet her. (Who could resist a face like that?) But, Mei's not looking for the masses, she's looking for her one and only forever fan. She's been searching far too long for the lucky winner of her love. And, what a love it is. Mei is a big honey bear, overflowing with sweetness and gratitude. She's a big puppy dog on the inside, unaware of her size or stature. You'll soon learn it's best to save a few minutes just for cuddling whenever you are reunited with her--she expects it. I promise it'll be the best minutes you've ever spent. Mei gives the best bear hugs of any dog I've ever met.

Mei is a water baby. She loves ponds, creeks, rivers, and lakes. I'm sure she'd hop in the bath with you if given the chance. She takes bites out of the water like it's the best thing she's ever had. Even puddles in the grass seem to make her tail wag. She has a zest for living, and a great appreciation of the simple doggy pleasures in life.
Mei also loves the mountains. She's a fearless climber, and she'll go anywhere to follow you. She comes to a whistle, and waits if you fall more than a few feet behind. She doesn't want to lose you. She wants to be your loyal companion on all your adventures. If her butt wiggle dance doesn't motivate you to get outside, I don't know what will.
At the end of the day, Mei makes a great body pillow to snuggle up to. She's soft and she's warm, and she likes action flicks and romantic comedies. Being with you is all that matters in the world to Mei. Don't be surprised if at times, you find her staring you straight in the face, looking deeply into your eyes. This girl's' already lived a lifetime in her short years, and she wants to communicate it all to you. Will you be the lucky winner who gets to be Mei's keeper, and her friend?

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Salt Lake City, UT

(801) 328-4731

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