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American Shorthair

Medium  |  Female

Elgin, TX


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Are you a cat whisperer? Do you have the patience for an apprehensive, uneasy and a bit anxious cat? Mia really wants to be your friend, but she takes quite a bit of time to get used to you and then she will be totally bonded to you.
Mia has had two previous homes (before coming to Companion Connection) in her 9 years and as each caretaker got up in their senior years they felt they could not care for her. Sadly, somewhere along the line, she was declawed and as is often the result, she developed arthritis in her toes and back. So sometimes, rarely, she may not use the litter box. But it has been months since she missed the box. We got her to lose some weight and gave her light pain medicine for a while.
She is in her own room now at the sanctuary and is loving it! Her loving personality has come out and she reaches out for loving.
Mia really is a lover and absolutely enjoys having her head and neck brushed or stroked. Once she has bonded with you, she will keep you company, sleep with you and be your loyal companion. But please note: she cannot be an outdoor kitty due to being declawed.
Mia has been tested for the leukemia and FIV viruses as well as heartworms and is negative for all. She did have a bladder infection in the past and therefore, the veterinarian recommends that she remain on a reduced calorie urinary food. This is not any more expensive than any other quality food we would recommend for our adopted cats.
Mia will bond with you, but it will take time. She needs a patient person, a relatively quiet environment and a lot of love and time. Is that you? Have you got a place in your heart for a special girl?
Are you a cat whisperer?

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Elgin, TX

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