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Miami (courtesy post)

Pit Bull Terrier

3 years, 2 months

Asheville, NC


Note: This is a courtesy posting only! This dog is not available through Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Please contact Heather Yingst at 828-736-8966 or for more information.

Hello there! My name is Miami. It was the name given to me at the shelter and my Mom kept it because she thinks it suits me. She says it's pretty and gentle like me and that I'm a little bit of a princess. I like to be spoiled with butt and back scratches and I have a habit of petting my sides by rubbing them on the end of the bed. I also really like to have my head and neck scratched.
She also says I'm sweet and patient and wise. When I don't get my way or when I want or need something my cues can be a little subtle and Mom has to pay attention.
I don't know how large or strong I am and I'm a little clumsy. Dad lovingly calls me a big ox when I step on people's feet or try to sit in Moms's lap. I'm really content to just be with my people most of the time as long as they talk to me and pet me a little. I love it when Mom puts her arms around me to give me hugs and kisses on my cheek. I'm kinda stingy with my kisses. Princesses don't just go slobbering all over people! Mom says that just means my kisses mean more. I kinda like yo put my paws up on her when she gets home and try to kiss her but that's only because I'm so excited. I don't do it the rest of the time but she's helping me work on it anyway. I like to be stubborn sometimes so Mom walks me with a special collar that helps a lot. I love to go on walks! I eat grass and Mom calls it my salad because she thinks it's cute. I love the dog park so much!!! I just know everyone is already my friend! I even make friends with cats. I used to live with kitties before Mom had to move and even though I annoyed them with my curiosity at first we got along just fine. Pete and I used to hunt mice together and he would sometimes tease me until I chased him and then run into a drainpipe. Mom says he's a stinker lol. We always ended up snuggling up together at the end of the day though. I have two doggie brothers as well and we snuggle and play. I can be a bit jealous of time with Mom but I never bite or snap. I need reassurance because I was abandoned and alone before. I just weasel myself in between Mom and my brother.

I get along well with kids too because everyone is my friend. I can be a little clumsy with really little ones though because I don't know how big and clumsy I am. I just want to be petted!

When I get upset or need more attention or exercise I comfort myself by sucking on a blanket that I ball up between my front legs and kneed like a cat. Mom tries to get me to use only special blankets that are just for me but I sometimes steal other things so she doesn't leave shoes or clothes on the floor and we are working on that. I also like to chew bones and wood, but only firewood and sticks thank goodness!

I don't have any food allergies or health issues. I feel like if it's good enough for my people it's good enough for me.

I know my name and I listen and come when I'm called even if it takes me a minute. I know how to sit and I'm crate trained. Mom tells me "go in your house" and I do. I don't really fetch but I love to play tug of war. I can't hold it as long as one of my brothers. After 6-8 hours I get very uncomfortable so Mom doesn't like to leave me in the crate any longer than that. I messed it once while she was at work and she was very sad for me.

Mom loves me to pieces! She calls me little sister. I'm not sure what that means but I know it's good. She would never let me go if she didn't have to. She cries sometimes but I know I will be ok. It might take me a little time to adjust because I will miss my brothers and Mom but I'm very resilient and I just need a friend who will love on me and play with me.

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Asheville, NC

(828) 505-3440

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