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Small  |  Male

Austin, TX


Mickey has one thing to say to his doggie playmates: "I am the boss of you!"

Mickey plays very well with the dogs in his playgroup, if sometimes rowdy. He just wants to be the alpha of the group, so he's happiest when his playmates are on the submissive side.

He's somewhat the opposite with humans. He's fearful of strangers and can be nippy with people he doesn't know and trust, especially children who approach his kennel.

But once he gets well acquainted and comfortable, he becomes his human friend's cuddle buddy, happy to hang out by his person's side, or even in her lap. He can be a loyal little guard dog, ready to alert his person to any evil that might be lurking.

Mickey is a fabulous walker on his leash, eager for neighborhood walks. And he likes playing with soft toys. And he's fun to watch as he zooms around the play yard, then dives into the swimming pool for some happy splashing.

Mickey will be a great addition to an adult-only home, where his people can take him for walks, chills on the couch with him and let him be their adorable watchdog. Come meet this future playmate.

And remember, all APA adoptions come with free behavior assistance through APA's behavior team. And when you adopt a dog from APA, you are saving not one, but two lives - the life of the dog you're bringing into your home, and the next dog APA can save in the adopted dog's place.

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Austin, TX

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