American Staffordshire Terrier

4 years, 3 months
Large  |  Male

Brooklyn, NY


A volunteer writes: Have you been looking for a dog that is mighty fine, mighty fun, and mighty sweet? You''ve been looking for MIGHTY! He acts sort of like he never intends to grow out of puppyhood. He''s super wiggly and playful and when I kneel down to pet him he tries to jump in my lap at the first touch (you''re too big for that, Mighty!). He is very attentive and excited to be around people. Whenever I take him out he looks at me with a look of admiration and joy (and his eyes are slightly asymmetrical in the most adorable way!) and it isn''t long before he reveals his best-ever smile. He seems to have housetraining, could use some work on his leash manners, and will `sit` for treats (he''s very treat motivated and doesn''t seem picky). He loves to play with toys and fetch is a great outlet for his energy. You know how puppies act like anyone that gives them attention is the best?? Mighty will leave you with that feeling! He''s at Brooklyn ACC looking for someone to love, give him some guidance, and love him back.

Adopt Me
Brooklyn, NY

(212) 788-4000

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