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Miley (Before + After!)


Large  |  Female

Jacksonville, FL

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Miley was rescued from a trash dump and her rescue story went viral on the Internet. To read her FULL story, click here:


Miley is now about three years of age and she weighs between 60-65 pounds. She has a clean bill of health. Her skin has cleared up completely, her fur is nice and even, and she never had any illnesses or injuries in the past three years. Her DNA test that was done last year showed she is part Malamute and part Husky.

When we first rescued Miley, we considered her to be pretty energetic and active. She was perhaps adjusting to a new life as an indoor-only companion animal after living as a free-range dog in a dump for some time. She actually is a very calm, mellow dog with cat-like tendencies. Miley only has short spurts of energy where she will run around the house and then relax. She is not a barker or howler, she is never demanding, and she also has a very independent side to her. Inside the house, she will follow us around like a pack animal, and she likes to lay by our feet and just hang out. Miley has always been allowed on furniture and has free run of the house in her foster home as well.

For the most part, Miley has gotten along well with other dogs. She seems very curious about cats; but given her Husky breed, we just never felt the need or urge to encourage interactions with other cats. An ideal home for Miley is one WITHOUT cats. Miley loves to chase and wrestle with other dogs, but she is also picky about which dog she likes:).

Miley has gone through professional training though she never really needed it:). She walks great on her leash though she may occasionally pull and lunge when she sees new dogs across the street. But overall, she is pretty easy.

Other facts... Miley LOVES, LOVES, LOVES food. She will sit or lay near us when we are eating, but she never excessively begs us for table scraps or acts crazy/aggressive. She is just food motivated which has made training and rewarding good behavior so easy and fulfilling.

Miley is comfortable around kids and strangers but she has never before lived with babies or young kids on a full-time basis. Miley is fine inside the car when being transported to and from the vet's office, etc. She is used to going to the groomer's for baths. She is fine being brushed though we noticed there are some sensitive areas near her rump where she does not like being brushed; this is pretty common for dogs who had skin problems (i.e., mange) in the past.

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