Chinese Shar-Pei

3 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Male

Charlotte, NC


All dogs, of course, have great noses. But Milo seems to be even more tuned into the scents around him. He explored the play yard like a Bloodhound and found things other dogs missed. Maybe work as a scent-dog is in his future? His volunteer-trainer says he is doing very well in the `Train to Adopt` program and he also likes tennis balls. Milo is very attentive to people and appears to be housetrained; he also is receptive to crate training. He has an unusual and beautiful brown coloring--sort of like cocoa!!! He has been known to get along with other dogs. If he goes into a home with kids they must be supervised and respect his space.
Milo has been known to be nervous around new people/environments. When allowed to go at his own pace, he warms up and relaxes. He will need a patient home that willl help him gain confidence and settle in without pushing him.
Milo is a sweet, curious boy that can be nervous in new settings but looks to his handler for guiance.
He was a great car passenger, and rode all the way home without a peep from his crate. He spent the first few hours at my place sniffing around & taking it all in. He was a little unsure of novel things in the house – like the TV, microwave & stairs. But I let him go at his own pace, investigating unfamiliar things until he was comfortable. He greeted a stranger cautiously in my home, and within minutes was going over to them for petting.
Once Milo felt more relaxed he started playing with toys on his own. How he loves toys! He tossed them around and fetched a few for me. He was also a huge fan of stuffed Kongs & chew toys. Milo went into his crate on his own and could use a little more time adjusting to being left in there alone.
Did I mention he’s a goofball? Milo sometimes climbed up on chairs & the couch. But if that’s not your thing, know that he was easily redirected to his dog bed.
He is very receptive to housetraining.
Milo is looking for a patient family that is committed to helping him settle into a new life. He’s got a lot of love to give! The only question is, are you worthy of this loyal pup?

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