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Small  |  Female

Los Angeles, CA


DOB: 7/2/06
Hi! I'm Mimi, it's very nice to meet you. Thank you for considering giving me a second chance. My first humans surrendered me at the shelter when I turned 10. I was heartbroken, my teeth were rotten and hurting me terribly, but I kept a good attitude and after a month at the shelter, Kitten Rescue started fostering me. I got the medical care I needed and now I feel like a new dog!
I love cuddling on laps (I'll cuddle on the laps of strangers just a few minutes after meeting them), sleeping in (don't expect me to voluntarily get up before 8am!), and taking walks around the neighborhood where I can tell all my doggie friends how big and fierce I am! (Barking at other dogs makes me very happy, but I do settle down after a few minutes.) I enjoy riding in the car and going on little adventures, as long as it doesn't take away from my napping schedule too much. I'm crate trained and "go to bed" automatically in the evenings. I actually prefer my crate as it protects me from the curious cats that roam the house. At night my foster mom wraps me up in my blanket and I snuggle down in my bed without even my nose sticking out!
My foster home includes three cats and four kittens. None of them had ever met a dog before and because I ignored them, we all settled in together easily and quickly. As long as they aren't trying to steal my food or ambushing me while I sleep, I leave them alone. When they do sneak up on me, I will bark at them. I'm just 9 pounds, they are 12 and I have few teeth, so barking is all I can do! The kittens are incorrigible, but I've been trying to teach them not to bug me. It takes time and patience. I think I would prefer a home with an older cat or cats who would leave me alone, but I could handle training a few kittens too.
I've met a few young children and they seem fine. I let them pet me, but generally I'm not too interested in them. I may warm up to them, given some time.
The vet says I'm very healthy. I will likely need to have further dental work as I age, as most small dogs do. I have common problems with my knees (due to poor breeding) that may eventually cause me some stiffness or arthritis, so I take supplements everyday. It doesn't slow me down in the least though, I will go for a walk any day! Chihuahuas will live into their 20's, so, I have many more years and much more love to give.
I come spayed, microchipped, dewormed, defleaed, vaccinated, and current on all medical issues.
If you are interested in learning more about Mimi or in adopting her, please click here to email her foster parent.

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Los Angeles, CA

(818) 347-3037

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