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Minnie *Waiting for a family for 370+ days*

American Staffordshire Terrier

3 years, 10 months
Large  |  Female

Princeton, MN



My name is Minnie, but some people call me Mini Mouse. This name is pretty appropriate since I probably never knew what it was to be loved by people, and it takes me longer than usual to get comfortable in a new environment and used to new people. I have been waiting for a family of my own for 180 days!
I will need a very patient, gentle family, who understands that it will take about a month for me to start showing my true colors. When I do settle into my new house and get used to the scary new place and people, I am a very sweet, gentle girl who loves to cuddle and give kisses and just generally be around you.
I will need someone who is willing to put in the time to calmly and gently show me that new things aren’t that scary and that no one will ever hurt me again. I need slow introductions to new things, places people, and animals, but I also need someone who won’t overly coddle me either, otherwise I’ll never know what it is like to be a normal dog.
I would really like to have a friendly doggie companion in my forever home because they would help me see that new people and things aren’t all bad. When something new happens, like having to get in the car to go to the vet, I quickly follow my foster dog siblings, because if they are okay with something, it’s probably not that scary after all.
I would like to go to a home without children, not because I would do anything bad; I’m the gentlest girl with all people, but because children are just scary. They move very quickly, they want to hug and touch me immediately and if they ever left the front door or gate open, I might run away if spooked. I am very quiet, although sometimes I bark when I hear the morning alarms go off. I stop right away when I hear the people get out of bed though; I’m just trying to make sure they don’t miss work or my breakfast!
Currently I live in a house with two dogs (a playful female pit bull and a gentle small, old, male dog) and a parrot. I am pretty respectful of the parrot cage; for the first two weeks I didn’t even look at him but now I’m interested in eating the food he throws on the floor. I love my pit bull foster sister! About a week after we were introduced we started to play non-stop! You can see a video of us playing on my website!
I also really love stuffed animals and Kongs! I love to lay on the doggie bed surrounded by lots of toys and slowly take the stuffing out of them. I also love treats, so they’re a good tool to use when introducing me to new people or new things. I take treats super gently too.
I know my name, come when I'm called and am learning a command to go get on my mat, so long as nothing scary is happening. Right now I don’t know any other commands, but I’m smart and want to make you happy, so after you give me awhile to settle in I know I could learn all kinds of things. I’m very respectful and never ever jump on people.
I love being in the house and the back yard; a fenced yard is very important. I have never been on a walk in my life, so the front door is a very scary place and the outside world is even scarier. Now that I’ve settled into my foster home though, my foster mom wants to slowly introduce the idea of going on a walk because she really believes I will love it and can be a regular dog if people are willing to put the time in. It seems pretty scary to me, but my foster siblings seem to love going on walks, so I guess I’ll give it a try. Today we went to the end of the driveway and back because baby steps are very important. Watch my profile for updates on this and all my other successes in the near future!
If you think you could help a sweet girl like me to realize what love is and help me find my place in this big world, I’d love to meet you!
Note: Minnie is scared of new situations. I slowly introduce her to new situations. She needs a quiet house without kids running around or hyper animals. She doesn’t do well in cars either. Once Minnie is in a routine in your house she seems, for the most part, a normal dog. Minnie will be a GREAT companion for the right family!
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