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Miss Priss C160134


7 years, 6 months

Eden Prairie, MN



Name: Miss Priss
Age: ~ 7 Years
Gender: Female
Breed: Ragdoll
Weight: 10 Pounds
Dog friendly: Tolerant
Cat friendly: No
Kid friendly: Older more considerate kids only
Litterbox Trained: Yes
Energy level: Moderate

History: Stray from Kansas
Adoption Fee: $150

Spayed/Neutered? This cat WILL be spayed/neutered before adoption, but may not be at this point in time due to age or health.

**Secondhand Hounds strongly discourages declawing cats. For more information on why SHH does not support this practice, please visit the following:

From the Foster:
Miss Priss, or "Prissy" as we call her, is like a gift that you unwrap very slowly only to find something wonderful inside! When you first meet Prissy, she is going to be shy and skittish. Who can blame her? She's had a rough time on her own and it will take some time to get her to trust you and feel comfortable. But, if you are willing to make that investment, she will be a wonderful pet.

Once comfortable, Prissy will seek you out for attention and affection. She loves head scratches, playing with her toy mice and will always come running for a treat. She's quite a talker and has the sweetest little meow. She doesn't like to be held, but we are working on it and you can pick her up if you need to. She's never bitten or scratched any of her humans. Her fur was matted and had to be shaved, but it's growing back beautifully. She is getting used to being brushed and seems to like it.

I'm told that Prissy once belonged to an elderly owner who passed away, which is how Prissy became a stray. You can tell that Prissy was once someone's pet because she has impeccable manners. She is litter box trained and always uses the scratching post. I've never seen her try to scratch on our furniture. She also never jumps on anything - not the furniture, table, counter. She's extremely well-behaved.

Prissy currently lives with three cats and one dog. She mostly ignores the dog, who is a senior, so she'd probably do fine in a house with a dog that isn't too interested in feline friends. She will charge at our cats and swat at them, especially the young ones, but it has never really gone beyond that. I think Prissy would probably do best in a house without other cats, but perhaps with very slow introductions, she might be fine living with an older, more mellow cat.

Prissy is looking for her second chance. She's a wonderful, sweet girl who will make some family very lucky!

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1 year ago

Hi I live in Staten Island N.Y. I am interested in adopting Ava the little black Lab. How do we go about shipping the dog. Can you please advise. My name is Pat Marino. My e-mail is . My phone number is 718-667-7822 thank you

Patrick Marino

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