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Anacortes, WA


I'm living proof of the nine lives legend! And I'd love to spend the rest of my lives with you. When the Cat's Meow found me, I'll admit I was a few lives down, but this place turned things around for me. I used to be scared; now I perk right up when people approach, and I love to snuggle close and be loved up. Folks admire my exotic "eye-liner" and my luxuriant, marbley tortoiseshell coat. I have a charming way of pressing the top of my head against the side of your leg: that's my way of saying "I love you." And lately, to everyone's delight, I've graduated to lap cat! Let me show you how sweet life can be with a sweetheart like me.

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The Cat's Meow


Anacortes, WA

(360) 588-9900

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