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7 years, 7 months
Small  |  Female

Montreal, QC


Mélanie est une petite chatte toute douce qui aime la présence des humains et les caresses.
Elle est calme, caline et toute mignonne.
La belle Mélanie a une masse dans un oeil qui a diminuée apres plusieurs traitements. Elle ne souffre plus, va mieux et son oeil est stable.Nous continuons de le surveiller, s'il y a écoulements, rougeurs ou si l'œil reste fermé.
Meme si Melanie est porteuse du FIV, elle n'est d'aucun danger pour les autres chats car elle n'est pas agressive mais juste une petite boule d'amour.
Mélanie is a small cute cat who loves humans and cuddles. She is very calm and sweet.
She has been treated for a mass in her eye and it has been reduced after several treatments. She does not suffer anymore and her eye is stable. We are tracking any possible change and if any symptom appears.
Even if Mélanie has FIV, she does not represent any danger for your other cat as she is not aggressive but just a sweet ball of furr.

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Montreal, QC

(514) 938-6215

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1 year ago

Awwww my mom would love her how can she adopt her she is recently divorced and her ex would never let her have a little dog now she can and the companionship would b great for her

Minnie Schafer

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