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1 year, 10 months
Medium  |  Male

Montreal, QC


Mélo est arrivé au refuge avec Méli (possiblement son frere) apres avoir erré quelques temps dehors a Saint Laurent.
C'est un jeune et beau chat, doux et tres affectueux, comment ne pas craquer?
Il s'entend bien avec les autres chats et s'est vite intégré dans sa nouvelle chambre et a tres bon appetit, un vrai gourmand!
Mélo n'est qu'une boule d'amour et de tendresse qui recherche sa maison pour la vie.
Meme si Mélo est porteur du FIV, il n'est d'aucun danger pour les autres chats car il n'est aucunement agressif.
Mélo arrived at the shelter with Méli (who may possibly be his brother) after having survived in Saint Laurent's streets.
He is a young and beautiful cat, very affectionate and sweet, no one can resist him!
Mélo gets along well with other cats and his integration to his new room went smoothly. He is a food lover and has good appetite.
This ball of love and sweetness is looking for his furrever home.
Even if Mélo has FIV, he does not represent any danger for your other cat as he is not aggressive.

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Montreal, QC

(514) 938-6215

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1 year ago

Awwww my mom would love her how can she adopt her she is recently divorced and her ex would never let her have a little dog now she can and the companionship would b great for her

Minnie Schafer

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