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Momma Lilly


Small  |  Female

Little Rock, AR


Mama Lily was living on the side of a mountain and abandoned when her owners left. Alone and pregnant, a family cared for her and requested help from Out of the Woods. She gave birth to 7 puppies that are available through OOTW. She was very gentle and loving with her puppies but now she’s looking for a new life!
Lily is with her new foster family Stephanie and Corn Dog. Lily knows her name, and looks up eagerly when you speak to her. Having spent most of her life with access to the great outdoors, she loves the opportunity to go outside. Lily is very smart and savvy. She learned where the doggie door to the back yard was in a matter of minutes and though she never used a doggie door before, she had it mastered in under an hour. She knows where the front door is and that it is access to the world, so be careful not to let her slip out.
During the day, while the humans are at work, Lily has access to the kitchen and backyard at her foster home, and in the evenings, to most of the house. She is not destructive and always goes outside when nature calls.
Lily has fit right into her foster home, getting along with the humans and other dog. She likes to snuggle with the dog and the humans, and she loves to pile up on the sofa with a blanket and nap. She doesn’t jump on the humans, but once invited, was happy to jump on the couch. At night, she prefers to sleep in a small bed on the floor, but has gotten in the bed for some petting. She eats and drinks from community bowls and only eats what she wants or needs, so you don’t have to monitor the food. She is not enticed by dog treats (but she will eat people food if offered).
In short, Lily is perfect for someone wants a low maintenance dog that can be independent while you’re away and loving when you get home.
Lilly's adoption fee is $150 which will help offset her vetting expenses.
If you would like to adopt, please start with our Adoption Application. Here is the link: will find our adoption applications here:

Adopt Me
Little Rock, AR

(501) 503-0606

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