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Miami, FL


Live life with me!

Hi everyone! Moose here. Before I tell you a little about myself, let me just clear something up. I am not a moose. I don't look like amoose, I don't feel like a moose, and I'm not built like a moose. I'm actually pretty tiny. Right about now, I'm hoping you weren't actually looking for a pet moose, because I really want to be your pet, and well... I’m a dog. But I KNOW humans like dogs! What is it that you call us again? Man’s best friend! It’s so true. I like to do all the fun things humans like to do, like go for walks, snuggle, and play. I came here from another place called Friends Forever Rescue. It's really sad for me to say, but our Pack Leader passed away, and now all the dogs desperately need a new place to go. Lucky for me, Paws 4 You took me in right away and are committed to finding a forever family for me. I'm really looking forward to that. Even though the things that have happened in my life are very sad, I will always keep an open mind and look on the bright side! Like I said, I’m no moose - I’m a DOG, and that’s just how we do! I will never lose my zest for life, and I hope that I can share it with someone one day. Please come visit me.

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