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“We found a dog that was thrown out of a truck, can you take it?”
The call came in. Could we take it? And we were off making calls, making arrangements, figuring it out. The dog would be traumatized and need some special care, so who could do that. And we found the foster, we took in the dog.
They saw a dark truck with a black trailer pull off the side of the road, open and close a door, and drive off. There, by the side of the very busy road was a little brown dog.
“When we picked him off the road he was shaking and crying once laying in friends wife’s lap with blankets he was calming down warming up to her as we got down the hill he was up on her shoulder laying cuddling her neck he’s s real friendly loving dog will make someone a great dog.”
Morey (he has a name now) came into his foster home scared. He was dirty, flea covered, and so scared he wet himself. He had a rope collar/lead thing tight enough around his neck that it had to be cut off. The rope was obviously chewed through.
We could make up stories about why the family dumped the little guy, maybe the isn’t house trained, maybe he chewed off his rope one too many times, maybe they were moving and couldn’t take him with them. We could come up with lots of stories about why someone might have dumped him. We couldn’t come up with even one good reason someone would leave him on the side of the road, alone, in danger of being run over.
Morey likes baths. He loved the warm water running over his body and he didn’t even mind when his face got washed. It must have felt good to have the water wash off all that dirt and all those fleas. He loved being snuggled in the towel. And then he got some flea medicine for a good measure to ensure those fleas wouldn’t bother him again.

And we are learning a lot about Morey. He LOVES to smile. He love people, all people, big people, little people, all people. He is still a little wary about letting people pick him up unless he asks, but he does ask. When you do pick him up, he snuggles right in for a super tight hugs.
So now Morey is all settled in his foster home. Here’s some glimpses into this very happy, very busy boy.
Morey is looking for a real forever home with a very active family. He wants to play with the cats, they aren’t quite as sure about it as he is. He plays with his foster dog siblings and is even the leader of the play. He may need to brush up on his house manners. Morey is going to make some family very, very happy to have him a part of it, we’ve seriously never seen a dog that smiles so hard so soon after such a hard day.
Turns out this is a lucky weekend for Morey, his Freedom Weekend.

If you are interested in one of our dogs, please go to our website, Many questions will be answered there. All Orphan Dogs are fostered in private homes by volunteers who graciously take time from work and home life to care for our orphans. We do not have a facility, and most dogs are transported to our scheduled Adoption Events!

Our van is limited on space and because of this sometimes dogs will get time off if the van is overfull. Other arrangements may be made for meeting a dog the dog if circumstances prevent you from being able to make it to events. Remember again though that volunteers foster dogs in their spare time so we encourage you to try to attend the events.
If you are local to Lake County, we do make arrangements to meet dogs here in town. However, please remember that most of our dogs have been in our shelters for weeks before we pull them. We take the dogs that have not been adopted yet. If you visit the shelter, you'll get the dog before I do! The fee there is far less as well.

If you are viewing this description from another website, such as Petfinders: PLEASE CLICK THROUGH to the website for more detailed information about our adoption process, and the application !

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