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Gulfport, Mi


Hey y’all my name is Nadia and I am super cool and CRAZZZZY. I pretend to be a lazy dog who sleeps all the time but when the cat is away the mice shall play. I love to open up all the cabinets in the house when mom goes out. I LOVE to pull garbage bags and bowls and whatever I can find out into the yard. Mom is not always happy about that but then I jump up giving her my super, goofy smile and she can’t help but laugh. I am def a prankster and will keep you on your toes. I am a lover but don’t have to be with you at every second. I love life, every second of it. After what I lived through how could I not? I am about 5 years old and pretty healthy except I did go through some pretty rough stuff when I was found which caused my kidneys to get a little weak. I have no issues and my numbers have been very consistent with my special food and my pills twice a day. I have a lot of love to give and want to give it to YOU. Just give me a shot!

My fee is $150.

Adopt Me
Gulfport, Mi

(228) 254-6305

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