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Nahla : Gentle Girl! (NJ)

Poodle (Miniature)

8 years, 3 months
Small  |  Female

Philadelphia, PA


Blind Dog Rescue Alliance will transport within reasonable distance. This dog is fostered in NJ.
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Gray, Blue or Silver
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* Age
8 years
* Level of blindness:
Currently only sees some shadows
* Cause of eye issues:
Nahla is a wonderfully sweet mini poodle. While she takes some time to warm up, she is truly a loyal, playful love-bug who is so excited to greet each day. She loves walks, treats, being petted, learning new commands (she knows ‘sit’ now!), playing with her soft toys, and rides in the car. If you are looking for a dog to share each day by your side, this is her! Nahla politely puts herself to bed each night (and sleeps through the night without a peep in her own dog bed), is completely house-trained, and quickly masters her environment and going up/down entire flights of stairs- she definitely has the poodle smarts! She wins over the hearts of everyone she meets, and after spending time with her most are surprised to learn she is mostly blind. This brave girl even tried out going in a lake! She would do best in a home without children and where she is an only dog or where there are dog(s) that are patient and calm, but still like to play a little too."

Blind Dog Rescue's Board of Directors has voted against the use of electric fencing effective immediately.

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Philadelphia, PA

(877) 254-6301

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