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French Bulldog

2 years, 2 months
Small  |  Female

Eden Prairie, MN



Name: Nalla
Date of Birth: Approx. 09/26/14
Gender: Female
Breed: French Bulldog
Weight: 15
Dog friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes, older preferred
House trained: Working on it
Crate trained: TBD
Energy level: Moderate
History: Owner Release
Adoption Fee: $600

From the Foster:
As you probably know by being on this page, Frenchies are very hard to come by in rescue, especially healthy ones. We were told that this angel’s name was Nalla, that she was a family pet, house trained, etc, etc. I sadly don’t think ANY of that was the case. She didn’t know her name, was covered in fleas, had DEFINITELY had her share of puppies, and wasn’t potty trained.
I want to say up front that it is all I can do to not adopt her myself, and I will be looking for the best home for HER, which I have VERY sadly decided isn’t mine.
We call her Lucy, or Lucy Goosey. Lucy has a very happy little spirit, and always has a smile on her face. She loves being with you ALL of the time. She is pretty low energy, and I would say doesn’t need a ton of exercise, but she has plenty of pep!
We are working on potty training, and if you’ve ever had a bulldog of any sort, you will know that positive reinforcement is the ONLY way you will get what YOU want out of them. This is definitely the case with Lucy. She is doing GREAT peeing outside, and when I leave her, I gate her into my laundry room with a pee pad, and she does use it. She is very food motivated, which is great because I have had to really work on her being comfortable outside, and using outside for potty. I would say that on a schedule and knowing her movements (catching her #2’s outside) she is 85% potty trained now.
Lucy is great with my kids, and really loves my husband. She will accept pretty much any physical contact – pets, belly rubs, foot massages, nose butter rubs…. She wants all of it. She has gotten a lot better with my dogs and my cat, and at first I thought she needed to be an only dog, now I think she will be ok with ONE other dog in the home, she just doesn’t like to share the human attention. She hasn’t been legitimately aggressive with my dogs, but she has pinned them a few times if they got too close to me, but I haven’t seen that behavior since the first 2 weeks we had her. I think a submissive dog would be best (probably not another FEMALE Frenchie, but every dog is different!) She does absolutely fine with other dogs outside of the home, and while she doesn’t PLAY with them, she will run around with them.
Lucy loves to dress up! She looks adorable in sweaters and she usually wears a jacket harness. She LOVES chewing bones, and I get her large rolled rawhides and always watch her with them, as she would definitely gulp if she could get it in.
Lucy is NOT awesome in a crate, although she is now quiet in it all night. Daytime is a different story so if you are in a condo and plan to crate while you are at work, she will not be a good fit. I think with consistency, she will eventually be fine left loose with a potty pad. She is absolutely not destructive of anything in the home (and we have a 5 year old kid who puts that to the test daily) and she really just loves to lay on the back of the sofa and supervise the goings on in the house! Ideally, I would love to see her get to be with someone who is home a lot, or can take her with when they go places.
If she sounds like a perfect fit for your home, I would love to hear from you!
All dogs are in individual foster homes throughout the Twin Cities.

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Hi I live in Staten Island N.Y. I am interested in adopting Ava the little black Lab. How do we go about shipping the dog. Can you please advise. My name is Pat Marino. My e-mail is . My phone number is 718-667-7822 thank you

Patrick Marino

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