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American Shorthair

7 years, 1 month

Montreal, QC


Il faut être doux avec le beau Nanoo. En effet, le pauvre minou a probablement dû passer une partie de sa vie dehors, car si on fait un geste brusque, il va s'éloigner de nous. Mais aussitôt qu'on se montre patient et attentionné avec lui, Nanoo réclame aussitôt de l'amour.

We must be gentle with the beautiful Nanoo. Indeed, the poor kitty probably spent a part of his life outside, because if we do a sudden movement, he goes away from us. But as soon as we start being patient and calm with him, Nanoo immediately searches for love.

Adopt Me
Montreal, QC

(514) 938-6215

Top Reviews

1 year ago

Awwww my mom would love her how can she adopt her she is recently divorced and her ex would never let her have a little dog now she can and the companionship would b great for her

Minnie Schafer

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