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9 years, 1 month
Large  |  Female

Woodinville, WA


9 years old
65-70 lbs.
House Trained
Dog Selective
Good with Older Children
No Cats Please!
Fostered in Springfield, WA
Hi. My name is Nany and I would love to find my forever home. My foster home consists of my mom and a teenage boy. I like the boy but really prefer my mom. I don’t like her to leave but will settle down after awhile. I am an older lady and find it hard to hold my bladder as long as I used to but find I can go about 4 hours before I just can’t hold it anymore. There is also a younger boxer boy here and I let him know right off the bat that I was the boss. He mostly listens. I don’t like it when he starts doing zoomies or playing around with the toys but with just a look he knows to quit so we get along pretty well. It took a bit of slow introductions before him and I understood each other. I'm a bossy gal, so many dogs don't take kindly to that. I will want to meet your canine family member first, just to make sure they can handle my attitude!
I really like to cuddle but can’t get up on furniture so foster mom comes down and sits on the floor with me. That is the best thing ever. Sometimes, she helps me up on the couch but I really prefer to stay on the floor. It’s pretty hard to get up or down and so I am just not comfortable up on the couch.
During the day, foster mom leaves me alone in the house I don’t bother anything so she says it’s ok to have the run of the house. She asked me to go in this crate thing that is in her main room but I didn’t like that at all. She did get me in it for about 2 seconds but I didn’t like that and she must have known cause she let me come back out and hasn’t tried to make me go in there again.
First thing every morning foster mom, the young boy boxer and I all go for a walk. I really like to go for a walk. We go at my pace, so it is a relaxing time. Foster mom says it helps keep me limbered up whatever that means. I just know I like to get out and about to see all the sights and smells of the neighborhood we live in. I have to be sure it is safe, you know?
Foster Mom here! Nany really is a sweet older lady that has a problem with arthritis so she has trouble getting up and down. I think that is hard on her but it does keep her off the furniture and/or counters. She really prefers to not be left alone but we all know that isn’t always possible. She will bark for awhile after I leave but she does settle eventually. Nany is ok with some dogs but they have to be submissive and I think because she can’t get out and run she doesn’t like them to be overly active. Nany has been a pleasure to foster and I think you will love her as much as I do. If you are interested in adding her to your family, please go to!adoption-form/c1dw9 and fill out an adoption application. You won't regret it.
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Adopt Me
Woodinville, WA

(509) 607-4740

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