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Napoleon Dynamite


Large  |  Male

Los Angeles, CA


Our Napoleon Dynamite is just an eight month old Leonberger pup with some sweet dance moves much like his namesake. Checkout his can you not smile at such unabashed joy! Leo is the most amazing pup ever. He has never had an accident in the home, has pretty good leash manners, is great with kids and dogs of all sizes (although his size and enthusiasm may intimidate the smaller dogs), has not met a cat but is only a curious pup so probably not an issue if introduced properly, rides great in the car, has recently learned to swim, and loves everybody. He loves to run and play with other dogs, then can just lay at (on) your feet and just hang out. In the two months he has been in rescue he has gained 20 pounds, twenty…not a typo…this boy will be big when full grown…just look at his feet! Our Leo came in through the shelter after being dumped by a breeder during one of the hottest weekends on record. The reason we believe were medical issues, most minor but mandibular brachygnathism (Google it) would prevent him from being sold at any premium price. SCGRR has taken care of all of his medical needs, including his overbite, but his adoptive family must be diligent about maintaining his dental care. He will need follow up visits to ensure that further eruption of his teeth as he grows (and grow he will) will not interfere with his upper palate and that veterinary recommendations are followed to ensure optimal dental health. Toys must be soft; no bones, antlers or hard chews; no tug-o-war while playing… Napoleon Dynamite has endeared himself to all that have met him and is looking for that special family that will give him all of the love and attention he deserves ~ and commit to his dental health, which is minor compared to the love and joy he will bring to his new family. If you think Leo is the pup for you, contact and let us know about the life you can provide for him. It is probably a good idea to investigate the Leonberger breed to see if this is the right fit for your family. Gentle giants, they shed more than three golden retrievers!
If you have already had a home interview and are interested in meeting, please email at . To submit your application and have your home interview, go to our website at and click on Adopt Form

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Los Angeles, CA

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