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Plott Hound

9 months
Medium  |  Female

The Woodlands, TX



Please contact Eppright for more information about this pet.

Nestle originally came from the county animal shelter. She and her siblings were surrendered by an owner when they were 5 months old. All of the pups were very sick and were going to be euthanized unless good Samaritans adopted them or an animal rescue group took them, nursed them back to health, socialized with and loved on them.
Little Nestle is a miracle baby and she is ready for the final chapter in her happy ending story – a forever home of her own. She is between 7-8 months old now, happy and healthy and ready to leave the nest. It took us a bit longer to crate-train and house-train her because she was obviously not taken care of and socialized when she was very young.
Look at her now! She is fully crate-trained and leash-trained, and she has gone weeks without an accident in the house. She is either left in the backyard with other foster dogs or crated when I am out of the home, and she runs free with the other household dogs when I am home. When crated, she barks when she needs to go outside; when loose in the house and needing to go, she circles. Her puppy curiosity sometimes gets her in trouble – she is fascinated by plastic bags and loves to hear them “crinkle”. She is very easy to correct, though, and has a strong desire to please. She crates easily and associates them with treats; she loves chews and squeaky toys of course, and she would be in heaven if her forever family had a pool or took her to the lake – she loves water!!!
She has been fostered in homes with other dogs and gets along with all of them. She is not dominant and has shown no food aggression here. She and another foster dog eat together, each with his/her own bowl. She has also been in a foster home with young children and she loves them. Because Nestle is so gentle on leash and because she is not likely to grow much bigger, I think it is fine for Nestle to be in a house with children as long as they are respectful and have some experience with puppies. Nestle has only had passing contact with a cat and she was curious but respectful. With cats who are dog-tolerant, she should get along just fine.
If you think that Nestle might be your girl, please call me, Kristi, her foster mom at 281-797-6280. I would like to meet with her future family. I will miss this girl!
P.S. We did lose one of Nestle’s siblings, but the other three made it into loving homes thanks to Operation Pets Alive and thanks to loving people like you <3

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The Woodlands, TX

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