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Domestic Short Hair

Medium  |  Male

Harrisonburg, VA


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I have named this orange kitty Newman, as in “Hello, Newman." He starting hanging around my house around 2011. He was a Tom, so he came and disappeared for a while. He ate at my cat’s outdoor feeder, but was wild and rare to see. Finally in August 2014 he really hung out, terrorizing my 5 cats. They began not going out, spraying in my home, and basically their lives changed as they are in/out cats, in the barns, sleeping in the shed, etc. I caught him in a trap, had him neutered and got his rabies shot, and took him to a farm in Augusta County, at least thirty miles away. The morning of June 1, nine months later, he was peering in my back door. This is not his home, I am not his Mother. He never leaves around the house. He is very needy and wants attention. Gradually I petted him, rubbed him, even his belly. He rolls around and purrs constantly. My cats are spraying and not going out again. I do not know what to do with him. He sleeps in the laundry room happily while I throw the others out the front door. He and my oldest neutered cat have been in horrible fights.
He is not a barn kitty as he wants to be a pet. I don’t think he will get along with other males. My little female does have the upper hand, so that helps. He is still a bit untrusting. I can’t hold him, but have started picking him up, front legs only. I don’t have time to be with him as much as he likes. He is very beautiful and healthy. He could be a perfect “one,” outside cat and will learn to be inside. Perhaps a barn cat with a lot of attention. Having him around is not fair to my sweet 12 year old Buzzy who loves to be outside. One of my females has just resided to the barn.
I want him to have a good home. I know one day he will curl up in a chair to sleep, if he has a chance.
Updated Aug 2015

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Harrisonburg, VA

(540) 433-1135

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