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2 years, 1 month
Medium  |  Male

Gilbertsville, PA


Meet Nibbles! He is a Chihuahua mix weighing in at 18lbs. He is good with other dogs and cats too! Apply today!
9/19/16 Some background on this awesome dog! His owner died and the remaining family members left him outside for a couple of weeks where he got so flea infested that the shelter he was surrendered to could not even tell what color his fur was. When he was surrendered the family gave no background information, not even his name, but he responds very well to Nibbles. Nibbles is an all around awesome dog. He's great with dogs and cats - doesn't even chase them! At first he may guard his food, treats and crate a little but he is getting better with that as he realizes none of the animals mean him any harm. If a cat goes near his crate he will follow them over there and then when the cat leaves he goes in the crate to claim it. He may growl a little if another animal invades his personal space but that's as far as it goes. We are working on Nibbles confidence; he can be a little submissive and unsure at times but is very sweet. He prefers to be with his people instead of alone, but is working on that too. He has been perfect with house training and has graduated to sleeping in bed at night instead of the crate.

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Gilbertsville, PA

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