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Chandler, AZ


~~Nike cannot be much sweeter…she was taken in by a lady that found her running, and
posted her for 2 months, hoping someone would be missing her. Even though she was
pretty knotted up, she thought that someone MUST be missing her.
Sad part was, no one called for her.
She appears to be a Pomeranian / Cairn Terrier mix. Approx. 6 lb. so a little girl. Approx. 2 year old
She is working on mastering the doggy door and does very well with other small dogs.
She was chasing the cat in the fosters home, so no cats would be best.
Loves affection and takes her about 15 minute to warm up and then she’s all about you.
If you are wanting a great little dog to be part of your family, Please check her out.
She will be fixed, rabies shot, micro-chipped and all her immunization shots will be done
through RAIN Rescue.
Nikes adoption fee is set at $225.00
Thanks for wanting to adopt your next family member!
**If you can see Nike online, she is still available. RAIN Rescue removes their dogs with in 48hrs.
from when they were adopted.
The 1st step to adopting any of our dogs is to fill out an application by going to our website. Click on Dog Interest form. Complete it and click submit.
Your application stays on file with us for 90 days, in the event you are not chosen to adopt the dog you filled out the application for.
Please don’t email us, if you haven’t filled out an application 1st.
We do not bring our small dogs to adoption events, because
#1) they are normally scared to death and very nervous, not knowing what’s going on with the many people coming up to the pens and hovering over them.
Many shiver and shake with the unknown.
#2) People adopt on impulse when they see a particularly cute dog/puppy.
When they are adopted on impulse, reality sets in with in the 1st month of
adopting it. Oh, this puppy ate the leg off my chair, I can’t have that!,
or You said this dog was house trained and it pees all over;. . .
and then in many cases they are returned to rescue.
#3) When people have to fill out a form 1st, and read all the questions about the care of a dog/puppy, they see that there are many aspects to adopting a family member, that they may not of thought of. They also realize that it is a life time commitment.
The application Is done prior to adopting, so the family understands the seriousness and responsibilities of ownership.
We have applications available at 2840 W Chandler Blvd. (At Petsmart, in the Lowes shopping center).
It is located at the 101 and chandler blvd.
you can go to our website and get one, then email back to us at
hand deliver it to us on Saturdays at our Donation Table we have set up, right of the front door of Petsmart.
Volunteers run the table every Saturday from 10am-2pm. They will make sure it gets to the correct Dept. Many Thanks!
We are a 501c3 non profit Rescue. R.A.I.N. Rescue (Rescuing Animals in Need).
** ALL OF OUR PETS ARE: micro-chipped, (cats are feline Leukemia tested), up to date on immunization shots, spayed/neutered and dogs are current on Rabies shot..
The dogs/puppies are taken off the website with in 48 hrs of being adopted, SO if you see one that interests you, plz fill out an application.
IN THE EVENT you do not get the dog or cat that you are applying for, your application will stay on file for 3 months. If you find another pet with RAIN Rescue that you are interested in, (within the 3 month period), just call or email us and tell us the name of the pet and that you have previously filled out a consultation form, and which one you are currently interested in. We will pull your application for the specific dog.
** Just a reminder: we are all volunteers…we all have jobs outside from our volunteer job at the Rescue. We are sorry that we will not make a special time and place to meet you without a consultation application done up.
We are able to weed through many applications with out taking too much time. Meeting up prior to an application being done has been found to be unproductive, taking much time for all the volunteers involved, and YOUR time too!
CAT QUESTIONS: TEXT: 480-250-4215
DOG QUESTIONS: CALL 480-628-5058
TO LEAVE A MESSAGE ONLY/checked ONCE a week: Call 480-272-6650
OR EMAIL: (for dogs and cats)
Dog and Puppy Adoption fees:
(unless mentioned differently in the above description)
Purebred Puppies (up to 1 yr.) = $250.00
mix breed Puppies (up to 1 yr.) = $200.00
Purebred Dogs (1 yr. – 4 yrs.) = $225.00
mix breed Dogs (1 yr. – 7 yrs.) = $175.00
Seniors and Special needs Dogs (7+ yrs.) = $120.00 – $150.00
**SEE Description for any price changes.
Note: If pet is listed as a courtesy posting, it means it does NOT belong to R.A.I.N. Rescue, so it may or may not have all its shots, or be spay/neutered etc. Most of the info is provided in the description.
*You should call the first number listed to talk to the actual owner to see if this pet is still available. You can call the second number to meet us for your coupon booklet once an adoption agreement has been made with the owner.
Everyone that works with RAIN Rescue are volunteers and have a regular 40 hr + work week. Sometimes it isn’t done as quickly as we would like though. Our apologies in advance.
R.A.I.N. Rescue is desperately seeking foster homes for SMALL dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.
We currently need volunteers for these Departments:
Foster Homes, Transporters, Groomer, Adoption Center, Donation Station and Fund-raisers.
FOSTERING: We take in small dogs, puppies, cats and kittens to foster.
The fosters DO NOT pay out of pocket for expenses while fostering ANY animals in our Rescue. This is a common misconception. The Rescue pays for everything necessary. We also accommodate for time away*.
*Some of our best fosters have been the winter visitors, who may only be able to take in dogs for 3-4 months.
TRANSPORTERS: A person designated to take the dogs and cats for their vetting, (spay/neuter etc), grooming and sometimes to pick up and drop off at adoption events when the fosters are unable to bring them. Transporters may also pick up new strays/owner surrenders etc. and taking them to their foster home. This position will pay mileage.
FUND-RAISERS: Anything to help bring in funds to our non-profit Rescue. You will earn 10% of the money brought in to help the animals for each event!
GROOMER: A skilled groomer with their own grooming equipment that can groom/bathe/clip nails on small dogs/puppies. We will supply the shampoo/towels etc. We would bring them to your location in the east valley.
VOLUNTEERS AT ADOPTION CENTER: Cleaning cat kennels (inside help with cats and kittens weekday days and nights), cat laundry (pick up and drop off), play time with cats, feeding cats, walking dogs, cleaning dog kennels, watering, feeding, quiet petting time and play time with dogs.
PHOTO POSTINGS: Cats and kittens that are adoption ready at the Petsmart Center, take photos of cats and kittens and get information on them, post on three of our favorite sites online.
DONATION STATION: Someone to faithfully be at Petsmart and set up the donation table (table provided), The table will have items on it with information about our rescue, our business cards, volunteer job listings, a donation jar, and a donation basket for anyone wanting to donate misc. items (dog food/toys etc) and small items that can be given out to those who donate. Flexible day(s) and time(s) can be discussed.
*All these positions help the animals find forever homes. Please open your heart and possibly your home, costing you only time. Nothing out of pocket….and all from your heart.
Many Thanks!!!!
If you are able to help out~ Please go to our website for a volunteer or foster application.

Adopt Me
Chandler, AZ

(480) 628-5058

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