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9 years, 3 months
Small  |  Male

Westminster, MD



All of the animals posted on our site have been temperament tested. While not all are in the immediate area, once we have processed and approved your application, we will move the dog to our adoptive area for you to meet, greet and hopefully adopt. Sometimes we will have more than one application on a dog. That does not mean it automatically goes to another family but you should be aware of the fact that until you are approved and set up for the meet/greet.. the dog could get adopted by another applicant.

Noah is a rather shy dog with a lot of love. He loves to cuddle and eat. He is very treat oriented so can be trained with enough rewards. He is very protective of his foster mom and dad, so when someone approaches them he may start to growl. Once we tell them to back up and tell Noah to stop, we slowly introduce him to that person. We do have one regular visitor that Noah just doesn’t like, so we are sure to have him on a leash or in his crate. This person must remind him of something awful that happened in his past. Noah loves our ten year old granddaughter and her friends.
Noah has learned to sit while his food is being prepared. It’s a very wiggly sit, but it is a sit. We save a little from our dinner as he sits patiently by the table. As soon as we get up he starts this silly little squeal and runs in circles all the way to his dish and then sits as we put it in his dish. If his water dish is empty he starts moving it around and making noise to get our attention.
Noah is house trained. Rewarding with a little treat keeps him wanting to go out.
When we go out he doesn’t need to be crated. We leave out training pads and he always used them if he needs to go. We usually give him a special treat when we leave him alone. Just be sure there are some blankets and toys around and we leave music on too.
Noah loves to play catch. Before he brings it back to us, he goes around in circles and rolls over, just being his little clown self.
Evenings Noah loves to cuddle or lay between us on his blanket on the couch. He’ll rearrange it and sometimes cover himself up with it.
Noah doesn’t like walking in the neighborhood because he is afraid of all the noises. It seems every time I do get him to walk around a few times, someone starts shooting a gun nearby and he is on his hind legs pulling to get home. I try to reassure him but he just wants to go home. He loves to be out in the yard playing and walking around. We will continue to work on this, but if you have a fenced in yard, that would really make a great forever home.
If you like to cuddle and enjoy silly actions, Noah is your dog. He certainly can brighten our days.
If you are interested in Noah, please contact:
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Westminster, MD

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