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Lila (was Noel) CAT FRIENDLY


3 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Female

Los Angeles, Ca


Yes Lila is THE BEST - so clever she manages to sabotage every adoption event she's been to. She does not want to go anywhere! She's amazing - couch potato at home but needs an active life she's a speedy runner on the beach and in the park. Needs lots of socializing. Very loving - on the border of being an obsessive kisser at times. She will not do well if left on her own in an apartment - at all - and I have to stress - this dog gets a run and dog park time everyday and still has boundless energy. She's young and is full of beans. Would do really well with someone who can take her to work.
Dear Furevers!
My name is Lila and I'm a 3 yr old 26 lbs standard tri-color dachshund (with a smidgen of terrier on my mom's side - that's where I get my daddy-long-legs). My earliest moments were tough. I was a pregnant momma at a very early age, on the street, all alone. I was worried my pups might not have a chance but DRLA rescued us. All my babies found loving homes and now it's my turn.
My foster mommy says, "I'm full of beans!" This means I'm young, fun and ready for adventure! But I'm more than just a "good time." Foster mom says I'm her bestest foster ever. My heart is so big and so loving -- it's endless. I'm affectionate and I love to snuggle once I warm up to you. I do attach to my people and am very loyal.
Here are some reasons why you should adopt me:
1. I am great with dogs of all size. I get along with dogs larger than me and dogs smaller than me.
2. I'm good with cats.
3. I'm very healthy and love hikes and runs on the beach with my family.
4. I'm super snuggly and loving.
5. My name sounds like Princess Kate's little sis "Pippa" -- ooh wait... it doesn't... I'm just fascinated with the Royal Family.
6. Did I mention I'm good with cats?

What I'm trying to say is that I'm one in a million. I'm clever and I'm affectionate. I have a real zest for life. I get along with cats and dogs of all sizes. I'm potty trained, fully vaccinated and have great manners. Foster mom says I'm "The brightest and sweetest" dogs she's ever fostered. Her words. I promise. I'm a bit more self deprecating... I didn't know my worth until DRLA took me in and showed me how valuable I am.
I do really well with a routine and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to sleep under the duvet in the BIG bed. I adore walks and hikes... and did I mention I'm good with cats?
Ooh... and before I forget. My favorite new game is playing catch with carrots... like real carrots. The kind that bunnies eat -- hence my picture with bunnies.
I would love to be your new "gem" -- please take me home. I'd be great with a young family or a family with a big dog who likes to play. Or a little dog who likes to play.. or people who like to play. You get the message. And if you need a kiss to pick you up when you are feeling down... I'm your girl!!
Please, won't you take me home with you?
If you are interested in meeting Lila please complete an adoption application and schedule your home safety check.
Lila h as had no interest in attending adoption events. She is terrified and shakes in this type of environment. Since her best interest is our top priority and never want to bring unnecessary stress to our dogs anyone interested in her will need to schedule a private meet and greet.

Adopt Me
Los Angeles, Ca

(310) 948-3754

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