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Noella (GA)

Rat Terrier

Medium  |  Female

Atlanta, ga


Noella is a young, playful Rat Terrier-hound mix about 3 years old. The photos of this tall, beautiful lady show her at 32 lbs., but she's slimming down to a healthier weight of around 27 lbs. Fun is Noella's formula for life, and she’ll draw you in with her big smile and inviting play bow for a romp in the yard, toy chasing, or even a gentle wrestle. Sweetly affectionate, she will be happy to join you for a quiet rest, too. Learning is fun when it’s a rewarding game, and Noella really enjoys positive reinforcement training. She is reliably house trained, has some lovely house manners, and is learning to control her natural exuberance so she can be even more polite in the house. She gets along well with the familiar dogs who live with her. When home alone, she can be trusted loose in the house if your counters are clear of food or she can settle into a comfortable crate. She much prefers to sleep in bed with her person as she doesn’t like to be shut away from you when you’re home. She can probably learn to sleep in her own bed near yours. She is a calm car traveler and she likes to use her improving leash skills on long walks in a harness. As adorable as she is, Noella does have some behavior challenges. A fenced yard is required since she is afraid of unfamiliar people and dogs and can bark and/or lunge in fear while on leash. She has bitten strangers who came into her home. She has safely and lovingly shared a home with children, but currently cannot be trusted around unfamiliar children. She is being worked with on these issues, and New Rattitude offers behavior modification coaching and support to adopters. Despite her fear issues, Noella is a doll at home with her people, and she knows how to love big and have fun. See more photos at .

Our adoption fee is $175 for adult dogs or $225 for puppies under 6 months old.
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Atlanta, ga

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