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Nox *Happy Single*

Domestic Short Hair

Medium  |  Male

Richmond Hill, on


Date of Birth: 2011

Knock-knock. Who’s there? Nox. Nox who? Nox your socks off he’s so cute! Nox is a fun-loving, black cat with bright-white fur on his belly and a small white patch on his chest. He has the cutest little cheeks that you just want to squeeze when you see him.

This handsome guy loves any and all attention. He will happily roll on his back for belly rubs. Nox is very affectionate and likes to be near you—well, actually, he prefers to be on you! This little cuddler makes a fantastic lap warmer. And at bedtime, his favourite spot is to be all comfy cozy under the blankets snuggled right beside you.

Nox is very playful and you will often find him having lots of fun tumbling around with his toys. He has a great personality and he will surly make you laugh, especially when he chats with you with his squeaky little meow. He will always let you know he is in the room and wants affection.

He is such a content soul that even when he is sleeping you can hear him blissfully purring away.

Nox is Fabulous, Irresistible, and Valued and has tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. With proper care, there are often minimal health issues as a result of the FIV virus. For all cats, a good diet and regular veterinary checkups are important for lifelong health. FIV+ cats can have a normal lifespan and live as happy, lovable and playful cats.

This little sweetie is laid-back, easy-going, and loving and he can’t wait to find his forever home—do you want to be the lucky family?

Adoption applications are available at Please email the completed form to
Adoption fees are $175 for adult cats (one year and older), $225 for kittens, and $125.00 for senior cats (10+ years old). The fee includes: veterinary health check, spay/neuter surgery, microchip, testing for Feline Leukemia and FIV, vaccinations, flea and ear mite treatments, and six weeks of pet insurance.
NOTE: Young kittens may not have had their spay/neuter surgery and final vaccinations at the time of their bio posting, but they are included in the adoption fee.

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