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Greenwood, La


Nugget History: We were at our local open intake shelter looking for a dog to save. We saw this little boy cuddled up by another dog on a bed. They told me he was heartworm positive and his time was coming up before much longer. ( This means he was going to euthanized all because he had heartworms. Heartworms are preventable and treatable. Sadly there are so many in our area that many have to be euthanized for space. ) Nugget was caught in a trap somewhere. This lucky boy got to leave the shelter though! Nugget Personality: Nugget likes to cuddle. He really likes playing with the other dogs.He's been doing great with potty training. We always say each household is different with that though and they have to adjust to the new home. We know once he gets into a new home it will take a bit to adjust just like all the other dogs but we know he will make a very great companion to a lucky family. He has a spunky personality. Likes playing with toys too! And enjoys his dog bed. We prefer no young children. He is in a foster home with cats but he WILL chase them haha! About Nugget: Male longhaired chiweenie? (Pomweenie?chipom?..whatever he is he's adorable!) Age: approx 4 years Weight: 9.6 upon intake. Has gained some though! Vetting: Has been neutered and microchipped, up to date on shots, on flea/tick prevention, on heartworm prevention, finished his month of meds for slow treatment as he is heartworm positive. Now just needs to stay on regular heartworm prevention like every other dog. See below for details.) Adoption fee $100. Feel free to ask us any questions. Go to to apply for adoption. Try to include as much about yourself as possible. For more images go to the following link: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***** If a dog has heartworms do not let it deter you from adoption. We place our heartworm positive dogs on a month of doxycycline twice a day and prevention. The doxy kills any baby heartworms and weakens the adults until they die of age. This is gentler on the pet than full blown treatment and is best for our animals going through foster care. The pet just needs to stay on regular prevention afterward. You may speak with your personal vet about the full on treatment if that is preferred and a possibility for the pet. Send any questions on the matter!

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Greenwood, La

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