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Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler

Medium  |  Male

Dallas, TX


Hi earthlings! I'm Odo, from the Dog Star Sirius. I have embarked on a journey to Earth to boldly go where no space dog has gone before. I'm here to seek out a new life and new civilization in the strange new world of Dallas-yes, even we dogs watch reruns of the TV show Dallas- but my goal here is to find a family, maybe like Wishbone's or something close.
You see, on my planet being a stray without a family, well it isn't acceptable. I decided to leave and after watching lots reruns of Wishbone (which was filmed in the suburbs of Dallas). I knew that would be the perfect location to find my forever earth family. Now if you don't think it wasn't scary for this 2-year old Australian cattle dog mix to leave home, then you are sadly mistaken. There was days I did not know what would happen to me, but as luck would have it, I landed in with a good foster once I got to Dallas. Thank God for a great nose and sense of smell. I just sniffed up in the air and smelled cows or would that be Cowboys, oh well, either will work, and set my course. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Back to my story. My new fosters got me to Paws in the City. I was checked from nose to tail and got a clean bill of health. Funny thing, since I'm no longer floating in space, my weight has gone up to 41.4 lbs. Go figure?
Not really sure what is acceptable yet, so I've been playing it a little reserved, however very sweet. I'd impressed them with my abilities to walk on leash and ride in a car. I was even friendly to another dog in a kennel, and non-reactive to all those crazy Texan's barking dogs that were flappin' their lips as I strolled by. I have to admit y'all are mighty friendly, but you sure do talk funny! For a moment, I thought I might have to ask Scotty to beam me up, but then some little breed dog they call a Scotty just raised his furry brows at me and walked away. I guess, he don't got all his oars in the water, as they say here in Texas. Thank goodness my fosters were.
If you would like to give a great space dog like me! And who wouldn't? A new leash on life, here on earth, in the grand city of Dallas, this is what I need you to do. Click that them there button and ask for a Meet and Greet. Oh god! I'm startin' to sound like em'. Heck, I lookin' to join a forever family, so I don't care how ya talk. Just love me and give me the safe and loving home I have been searching the universe for. You can be the center of my world, and me yours.
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References and a home visit are required for all adoptions.

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Dallas, TX

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