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Pacific Grove, CA


We would like to introduce you to Olivia, an 8-year-old, 7-pound Chihuahua mix. This super-sweet girl was picked as a stray and has a hard life, but her award-winning personality immediately charmed the shelter staff. She is looking for a home that can provide her with the love and care she deserves. Could this be you?
Olivia loves to be the center of attention, is very easy to handle, and is great on walks, in spite of having weakness in one of her legs (see below). She reacts well to newcomers, eager to greet both people and dogs. She will check them out, then moves along. She has a tendency to want to be the pack leader with her foster siblings, moving to the front of the pack on walks and also by helping them settle down around the house when the get too rambunctious.
Olivia has a medium energy level and does not bark much, except the usual when we get home or the doorbell rings. We don't know yet about her reaction to children or cats.
Being very motivated by tasty treats, Olivia should be very easy to teach new things. Olivia loves her crate, and often relaxes there during the day. She stills needs some help with her bathroom habits, occasionally having accidents. With a little work and attention, she should do well since she is both treat-motivated and crate-trained.
Besides going for walks, Olivia loves to ride along in the car. Her foster parent says she is most happy as a constant companion, following her around or just settling down together and relaxing. She is especially fond of belly rubs! She doesn't appear to be very interested in toys.
Olivia is an overall wonderful companion for that special someone. She has been diagnosed with a unique bone condition common in humans, called osteopenia, which is the result of years of poor nutrition combined with bearing several litters of puppies. In order to support her puppies, Olivia's little body leached the minerals from her bones. We are happy to be able to offer Olivia the healthy diet she needs and deserves now, and is going to undergo treatment that should be able to improve her condition.
Olivia came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Shelter.

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Pacific Grove, CA

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