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Redbone Coonhound

Large  |  Male

Benton, AR


Please contact Karen ( for more information about this pet.

OL' RED is currently located in a foster home in Benton, AR, but can be transported to anywhere in the US :) Please ask for more information !!
This sweet boy is 18 months old, and he has been through a lot already - but look at this handsome guy!! He so needs you.
OL' RED is very friendly and loves attention, which he had apparently not received before he came here; I mean, like NO attention! He didn't know how to act when I tried to pet him, or give him a hug. He would just look at me like, Huh? He tolerated it, but didn't know it was OK to give love back :(
He is now getting to where he will ALMOST give you kisses!!He also didn't know how to take a treat, like a milkbone, but he learned that pretty fast ;) We do not know about his life before he ended up in a shelter in South Arkansas, but I don't think it was a good one...
He tested positive for heartworms, so we put him through treatment 1 month ago. He still has 5 months to go before they will test him again to make sure the heartworms are gone. This is because they are still dying, so he will yes, still test positive now, but once they are all gone, he will be free of them.
Ol' Red loves the other dogs - he tolerates the worst ones, like puppies that chew on him with their sharp little teeth, and he loves all people !! He responds really well to men, deeper voices.
OL' RED is working on being house trained. He needs a schedule, and a firm hand. OL' RED sleeps inside at night, and stays indoors most of the day. He loves outside, loves to play with the other dogs - but - he tends to bark - as bloodhounds are genetically inclined to do, and my neighbors do not like this.
He needs a big yard to run around in, or a family, or a person, who can offer him the exercise he needs :)
OL' RED is still a bit of a puppy that has never had any direction whatsoever. This is SO common down here in Arkansas. He would always rather spend his time with people, always looking for your approval !!
He is OK being left alone in the house for short lengths of time, say 3 hours. He will not go into a crate, and I do not have the strength to 'make' him. I have worked on housebreaking him, but I am not on a schedule at all, and he needs one.
OL' RED is GREAT on a leash !!
OL' RED is SO ready for his forever family to bring him home! He would be great in a home with a family or a single person to be his best friend forever :)
OL' RED wants to be an active, attentive, smart dog and will be easily trainable for whatever you wish :)
OL' RED has been neutered, and is up to date on yearly shots, rabies vaccination, bordetella, worm free, and is protected from fleas, ticks, and other critters by Advantage Multi.
He will get another thorough vet check and a health certificate before traveling. We use
Their fee is $140 to trip him from Arkansas up to the NE US. For transport to other areas, please email
For additional information or questions, please contact
We will send you an application to fill out and return to the same email address.
Applications are processed in the order they are received, so get your app in ASAP!!
The adoption donation is $300 which covers all vetting received, and the health certificate to travel.
He is micro-chipped, that info will be sent to you, and you will pay NO fees ever again. He will be registered under our rescue, and under your name both. He will be doubly protected.
Thank you so much for wanting to help a rescued dog!!!

This available pet is currently located in Benton, AR. Transportation is available to anywhere in the US upon adoption. Please contact for more information. Thank you so much for wanting to help a rescued pet!!

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