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Opal Jane


Small  |  Female

Austin, TX


Opal Jane is living the old lady life. She was surrendered to Austin Animal Center by her owners at the seasoned age of 12, which would be hard on any dog. Opal has taken it in stride, but she definitely has some old lady ailments. She came down with a tough case of pancreatitis, but has made nearly a full recovery. Very impressive at her age. She's got some moxie. But she has some back issues, cataracts, a weak bladder, etc. Don't bring it up. Opal Jane is very dignified and would prefer you don't mention it. In fact, she's actually got quite a lot of fire in the belly for a dog with so many ailments on paper. She will still put a big dog in their place if they get too fresh. She's not shy with expressing her displeasure with most things, but luckily she is easy to please. A nice soft bed, some nice quiet people and she's good. Opal Jane would do best in a home that can give her the care that she needs in her twilight years. It is probably best for her to be the only dog, but she can be OK with smaller dogs so long as they are chill. She hasn't met any cats yet, but we imagine the conditions would be the same. She would prefer not to live with kids, as they scamper around and make sudden noises and things. But like any good grandma, she loves it when they visit. She can't be left alone for long periods in the day due to her bladder, so a work-from-home scenario would be ideal. Opal has a low-maintenance temperament and a high-maintenance body. Its not her fault, she just wasn't given the care required in her later years to keep in her tip-top condition. But she still has a lot of spirit. If you could find it in your heart to help her catch up on treatments, we think she's still got a lot left to give. She's not an easy adoption, but you would be doing a great kindness to a sweet, funny little dog who deserves it. What do you say? Do you have room for old Opal Jane?

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Austin, TX

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