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Pit Bull Terrier

Medium  |  Female

Saint Louis, MO


We've all heard of the historic Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Did you know that Gateway Pet Guardians has our OWN fabulous Opry? Its true!

Meet sweet ole Opry! This beautiful lady just wants love and attention from every person she meets. And in return you get a well behaved, laid back lady who has quickly become a shelter favorite.

Though not a fan of cats, Opry has done well with the dogs and the children she has met. When she isn't angling for attention, Opry likes to entertain herself with a variety of toys. She does have a destructive side when it comes to toys (stuffed toys don't stand a chance), but mostly she just likes to chill around her humans.

Who wouldn't want this beautiful lady in their family?

For more photos of Opry, follow us on Facebook Gateway Pet Guardians and Instagram @gatewaypets ... #gpgOpry,.

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Gateway Pet Guardians is proud to offer a variety of mixed breed dogs available for adoption. However, please keep in mind that we rarely know the genetic background of the animals we rescue and, as such, we cannot guarantee the exact breed combinations found within this dog. Further, because "pit bull terrier type dog" is not a breed we can list and because this dog has a blocky head and other characteristics that make the public perceive him/her as a pit bull, we are listing him/her as a pit bull mix. However, we do not know his/her actual genetic makeup. Just know that this dog is probably a variety of several different breeds that have combined to create one very amazing and unique animal.

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Saint Louis, MO

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