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Boston Terrier

9 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Male

Little Elm, Tx



Say Hello to Oscar! He is looking for a forever home, could it be with you? We were initially told that he was around 5, but his foster mom thinks he might be a bit older (wook at that beautiful frosty face!). He was surrendered with his son, who is also in our care. They were apparently surrendered by their owner who could no longer care for them. Oscar is a snuggle mooch, which agitates the other dog in the house, but the two co-habitate just fine. Oscar is a more dominant BT, but seems to go with the flow with the foster cat and his human foster sibling (who is 3). Oscar is quite tolerant when the cat gets up to its unsociable feline antics and is very patient with his 3 year old foster sister's loving. Although the jury is still out on whether he enjoys the affection from the three year old or just tolerates it well! He is learning his house manners and how to behave on leash (definitely prefers the harness to the collar). He is a ladies man, but now happily snuggles with the man of the house as well. He is a sweet little dude who the foster family thinks is pretty awesome. If you want any more information on this loveable little man, please contact us smile emoticon He is currently being fostered in AUSTIN, TX
10/29/15 Update: Oscar is doing great. When he came to us, it was very obvious that he preferred ladies but he quickly got over that and now he and my husband are totally buddies. He gets along just fine with my other male Boston. I feel like this is because my boy is very neutral- happy-go-lucky dude. If Oscar was to go into a home with other dogs, I think it would be best is they were relatively close in size and didn't mind him being an assertive attention hog.
He rough houses with my dog and he gets crazy with my husband and I but he is an angel around my 3 year old. He loves her very much and he makes sure all rough fun and games cease when she joins the play pile. He follows her around and gives her kisses and let's her attempt to pick him up- he's very patient with her. They snug and sleep in the couch together a lot.
For an older gentleman, Oscar has a surprising amount of energy. We have to slow him down sometimes because we fear he might pop or something.
He has gotten SO much better at being on a leash. He's still a little sketchy about people messing with his neck so I recommend walking exclusively with a harness.
O LOVES the beach and the water. We have taken him camping and he loved it on the lake. He floated with me for at least an hour on the shoreline on my tube. We also took him to the ocean and he jumped around in the waves and got all up in the sand. Is officially a beach dog now.
Oscar does fine when left alone at the house, but we took him on vacation to a hotel and when we would leave the hotel he would get very bad anxiety- even with my other dog with him- so in hotels he should probably be crated. Or sedated. Or both. It was pretty intense.
It takes a few days for O to warm up to new people. He will growl and bark at new people in the house, but I've found he's all bark. If you talk sweetly to him, he'll chill out. He's very protective of his family unit.
They neighbors got a new big dog in the back and he is not very fond of him- it's hard to tell if he's full of anti-big dog rage or what but they run the back fence together and he barks at him constantly.
Unfortunately, we are still having problems getting him house trained. He pees on at least one thing daily. The good news is his house manners have improved. He used to just jump up on tables and he's just about learned that his furniture access is limited to the chairs, couch, and bed.

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Little Elm, Tx

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