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7 months
Small  |  Male

Austin, TX


We Are Family

Life has been scary, with Mommy going away, and going to a shelter, and finally, finally to a real house where we can sleep in a pile and there's plenty of food and people to pet us. Petting is really nice! So are toys! If you have these things, would you please give us a home! At least 2 of us? Please?
Paco updates his web page:
I can’t believe they’ve still got my baby pictures up. How embarrassing! I’m almost twice as old as that now. Here’s some pictures of me doing my favorite things, like climbing, playing with my sisters, and cuddling.
If you want a big cat, that would be me. I’ve always been the biggest, but when the rest of my family weighed 3 pounds, I weighed 5 pounds, and now I’m almost 6 pounds, and they’re only 4. So I bet I’m going to be the biggest cat in the house, huge even. But I’ll still sit on your lap, even though I’m almost too big to sit on shoulders now. That’s okay. Love is love, wherever it is. You’ll still hear me purr, because I purr loud. And lots.

Adopt Me
Austin, TX

(512) 354-7875

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