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7 years, 2 months
Large  |  Female

Chinook, WA


7 Years Old
Fostered in Tigard, OR
Paige here, I'm a mature, spayed laid back Diva! I am a Fawn Boxer with premium, platinum highlights. I've mellowed but I've got a lot of playin' and luvin' yet to do.
I've got some commands down pat, but I'm still teaching my foster folks the others I know. Once they understand them, they'll write them down for you: sit (sort of, verbal and hand signal closed right fist held at waist level), paw, other paw (working on it), down (sometimes, hand signal right hand palm down wiggle left to right push down from slightly above waist to full extension). See what I mean; they really aren't certain what we are doing yet.
Of course with my diva notions, I'm very well house trained but crates are not a substitute for a fluffy bed, so I prefer to not even discuss them.
I love peanut butter. So in some ways, I just need to meet my jelly family and together we will be partners forever.
As diva's go, some days I am a loafer and other days I’d like to get up and go and explore. So you could say, I vacillate between being a Rolling Stones and a Grateful Dead fan. I am often up for a long walk by your side. I am pretty great arm candy as well as a snuggle bug, if you ask me.
As you know, we all have those little quirks, we cannot get past. Mine is the thrill of the chase. I prefer squirrels to joggers but, if it runs from me, it is my intent to chase it. If you need squirrel security, I’m your gal.
My foster parents say that I am a very well behaved girl who just needs a few leash manners and basic training. I'm told I can hit a soprano high note without barking, when I want to go out or something is wrong. I really need a routine. Chaos causes age spots, which won't go with my platinum highlights.
You know you want me. Now you just need to fill out an application. Next stop -- car ride to forever.
Phone (360) 723-0219

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Chinook, WA

(360) 723-0219

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