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The application is the first step in the adoption process, so if you are interested in adopting please fill out the online adoption application first by visiting our website at

Hey there, my name is Henry and I am 6 years old. I am a 20 pound Dachshund mix. One day my dad told me and my 3 brothers we were going for a ride. We got all excited and jumped in the car. When we got out of the car we were at a loud, scary, smelly place. I heard someone say it was an animal shelter. Shelter it is not, it's more like a jail. Our dad signed some papers and handed us over to a lady in uniform. He started to walk away and we tried to go with him but we were dragged in the opposite direction. It was so scary there, we don't understand what we did wrong. We tried to call for our dad but he just left. Lucky for me, I am a dachshund and a lady just happen to be there with dachshund rescue. So she said she would take us. She put us in the car and off we went. We were so scared and worried. We were so confused. Don't worry, now we are VERY happy.
I love to play with my foster siblings. I enjoy sunbathing and hanging out. I didn't receive much attention from my dad, so all this touching and holding was new to me. I was extremely hand shy, but my foster mom has showed me that being touched is a good thing. I now LOVE to be petted. I love to play with you and love to sit by you, but you will need to be patient with me while I get to know you. I do like to nibble on your hand when you pet me, that's just my way of returning affection. I came in with my brothers, but it is time I find a home of my own. I know there is a family out there for me. My foster mom says I am very special to her and she wants me to have a home and family of my own. I would love a quiet house with another playful dog, no children and maybe a yard to sunbathe in.

Henry's adoption fee:$150

We do not have a kennel or facility to visit, all dogs are kept in foster homes until their forever homes are found.
Adoption Process: Once an approved application is on file, we will then set up a home visit. At that time we will bring the dog to the home in which you will all be sharing. We ask the entire family to be there that day. If we all agree on the placement, then the dog will stay with you that day.
Please visit our website at

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Hesperia, CA

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1 year ago

I would like to know the price for Princess Sophie and this puppy (I don't remember her name) she is black and looks somewhat like a Scottish Terrier. I am really interested. I have a Yorkie and had a Doxie but she passed away and my Yorkie is very sad and just lays around.

Susan Winters

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