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7 months
Small  |  Female

Evergreen, co


Palawan is named after a cute small fruit bat - wanta guess why? She is about 5 months old (estimated birthday is 4/25/2016) and she weighs 7 pounds currently.
Palawan is a very loving girl, but like any Chihuahua she can get very scared and nervous when in a new environment or meeting new people. She will shake a lot, but after a little while with re-assurance and PDA (public displays of affection) she will calm down and start giving little kisses once she is comfortable. And once this happens… be ready, she is full of energy. She loves to run and play, she loves fetching balls she could do this for hours with me. She loves stuffed animals and will entertain herself with them shacking and throwing them around. I took her to the beach this past weekend and she had a blast, she was more daring than my own dogs, she would try to follow my dog in to the deeper side and didn’t care that the waves were bigger than her. I had to hold her back before she could be swept in… she is a little dare devil J

During her stay with us, she learned to use her potty pads fairly at a 90%, she had the occasional accident but it was pretty impressive how quickly she got it. I live in an apt complex and since she did not have all her boosters she was not allowed outside (hence the training pads), but I am pretty sure she would get going outside in no time. She also learned sit and is still working on stay. She is great with other dogs, she might get a little intimidated at first by bigger dogs, but still will try to play with them just tried to be more careful.

Did not test her with cats, but I’m sure she will be fine. She met a couple of toddlers, and was pretty scared of them at first as with any other human, but later mostly avoided them. She LOVES peanut butter, because she was on meds that is how I would give them to her, and she became pretty obsessed with it. She recognized the jar as soon as she’d see me touch it and would go nuts waiting for it. But she loves all treats, but prefers the chewy kind.
She sleeps through the night, the first couple of weeks she slept in her kennel in the kitchen and slept all night with no crying or issues, once she started showing improvement with the potty pads I let her sleep in my room with my other dogs and she slept in her bed all night.
Palawan is a tiny girl so homes with older children would be best as she can break easily, she is so fragile. Put in your app if you would like to meet our little BAT eared girl.

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Evergreen, co

(303) 674-6442

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