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6 years, 2 months
Medium  |  Female

Inverness, Fl



Beautiful White fur lady

Pammie is searching for a companion in a home as the only pet. Please do not adopt her if you feel sorry for her. She needs someone with leadership qualities, a firm but loving hand, so she feels safe. Otherwise, as a survivor, she will make her own decisions. She will be a bit of a project at first but, as her shelter mom, I say she is worth it. Are you home a lot? Do you have patience? Can you teach a dog using positive methods without hitting, punishment or yelling? Do you have time to put her on a puppy schedule for potty training? When she goes out for potty and play time she potties several times in several places so be patient. She will have a few mistakes since she has to potty in her kennel since the shelter dogs only get outside once for 15 minutes every 24 to 28 hours for play and potty. A fenced yard would be wonderful but she would most likely want you to come out with her. Pammie walks very nice on the leash and responds quickly to my voice instructions and to the words below. SHE LOVES TO HEAR GOOD GIRL!! She also can be a bit stubborn when she doesn't want to do something. Low fat hot dogs (bribery) works or just wait her out. She usually gives in. She SITS for treats (she loves chicken hot dogs) but has trouble if in unfamiliar settings where she is less confident. She needs a leader so she feels safe and does best with gentle encouragement, patience, no yelling and no harsh corrections. WAIT at all shelter gates and doors and she does well LEAVE IT - used when she focuses on something or wants to pick up something nasty. We give her a light tug on the, leash and turn her away from what she is focused on and she gets lots of praise. She loves to hear GOOD GIRL!! DOWN - She just learned this and is doing well especially for a treat. PAW - She will give her paw. She was excellent when I took some sand spikes out of her paws. GO POTTY - She is doing very well and going potty when I use these words when I take her outside at the shelter but she only gets outside once per day to potty so a refresher is in order. Put her on a puppy schedule-out every 2 hours.

"In every heart, there is a hole. In every shelter, there is love in which to fill it." ~ Colleen Paige
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