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8 years, 6 months
Small  |  Male

Minneapolis, MN


Adoption Fee $300

Meet Peanut!
Peanut's owner passed away & his son brought him to the shelter-- the first few days he was very afraid and unsure of his surroundings, understandably so since he had been with his owner since he was 6 weeks old! Once he got used to the place, he started coming out of the cage and enjoying the attention from staff and volunteers. And, now he is hoping to find a new forever person or family.

Peanut is a little sweetheart. He is very mellow & quiet. He wants to be near people as much as he can. He loves cuddling, being petted, giving kisses, playing fetch, squeaky toys, & chews. He will get in nearly any lap available. If you don’t want him there, just say, “Peanut, no” when he starts looking. When you pet him, preferably on his back, he will wiggle his butt & give kisses on any body part he can reach. His current favorite toys are a stuffed dragon with an breakable squeaker, a hoof (especially when packed with peanut butter & kibble), a tennis ball.

Peanut is housebroken. He goes to the back door in his foster home, but since he doesn’t bark, this signal is sometimes missed. He is crate/kennel trained. He whines for a few minutes then settles down. He doesn't require crating/kenneling when his foster mom is gone. He does like to hang out it in, especially during a thunderstorm or when there are other loud noises. Peanut is good with small to medium-sized dogs but gets nervous around big dogs. He is untested with cats. He is good with older kids but is nervous with toddler age kids.

Peanut is very food motivated. He loves treats! Using verbal commands, he has demonstrated knowledge of down, off, shake, sit, speak,roll over. He is working on give it & leave it.

Peanut rarely barks unless another dog in his foster home does. He loves to look out the big picture window & see what’s going on.

Peanut has minimal shedding. He is fine with being brushed or having his ears cleaned if he can sit in a lap or be petted while it’s being done. His teeth aren’t currently being brushed; but, his foster mom uses a chlorohex additive to the water & Leba III spray. He is fine with those. He is fine having his toenails being clipped by a groomer. He can get a bit squirmy when his foster mom tries to clip his nails.
Peanut’s ideal home has at least one lap he can sit in, someone who will pet him & let him give them kisses.
It should have no large dogs, at least one squeaky toy, a doggie chew, a crate/kennel that he can make into his "den."

Do you think you could be Peanut’s ideal forever home?

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