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12 years, 5 months
Small  |  Male

Garland, TX



Adoption: $400--------
Weight: 9 lbs.-----------
DOB: 6/15/04---------------
Health: He came with nails so long and curled that they had to be surgically removed from his paw pads. Ouch! He could barely walk because it was so painful. He had a ton of fleas that were just eating a big hole in his back. The fleas left lots of sore spots that took a while for him to heal from. -----------------
Temperament: Super sweet little boy with a great personality. He knows his name Peanut very well. He gets along great with the other dogs and loves all humans so far. Doesn't bark or do anything bad. He's just a good boy that was taken to the shelter after his pawrent ended up in a nursing home. It was the best thing for Peanut though because he was seriously neglected. ------------

Favorite Activities: Sleeping, eating, getting some love, going for walks.---------------
Where did he come from: His owner ended up in a nursing home and he was taken to the shelter.-----------------
Ambitions: To find the perfect furrever home-------------------
Additional information:-------------


Email to request a printable application.-------------------

------Please remember our group is made of only volunteers all of whom have full time jobs, foster fur-kids, and families of their own, so please be patient.---------

Adopt Me
Garland, TX

(214) 775-0648

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