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8 years, 1 month
Small  |  Male

Chicago, IL



Meet Pedro!
Say "Hello" to the love of your life!
This little man is THE definition of love and affection! He is an older guy and over his time he has had it a little rough. He is a “breeder surrender” meaning that he was used as a stud for the entirety of his thus far. Yes, that does take a toll on females but what a lot of people do not know is that it REALLY takes a toll on males. Pedro’s “penile sheath” (the casing that his penis would normally retract into) is slightly split but has healed without any skin problems. This causes his penis to be a little exposed all of the time but does not bother him, nor does it keep him from being able to live a happy life. There is no reason to be alarmed of the exposure as he doesn’t let it bother him. (He has had several vet exams to ensure that this is not a problem for him.) He was also the victim of an animal hoard. He was BADLY infested with fleas when he was first surrendered so he had a LOT of hair loss. He has a little way to go with getting all of his hair back (because he is long haired) but he is almost fully covered again and as beautiful as ever! He does still catch a chill from time to time but that’s ok. HE LOVES SWEATERS. He has a variety in several different colors and they were all handmade and donated JUST FOR HIM by one of the shelter board members mother! His smile is impossible not to notice. He has a very obvious under bite and this causes his 2 bottom K9 teeth to be forever exposed. BUT WHO CARES!? IT’S CALLED BEING UNIQUE, RIGHT!? He has had to have a few teeth extracted due to decay from a poor diet. This only means that his food needs to be softened a little with warm water. Soft canned food is ok too. Just not too much. Don’t want to destroy that cute little figure he has going for him.
Now that you know all of Pedro’s defining qualities, let’s talk about his AMAZING QUALITIES! His eyesight and gate are GREAT! This little guy is the sweetest, most affectionate, and cuddly little Chihuahua that you have ever met! The minute he gets on your lap, he curls right up to your chest and lays his little head on your chest. He LITTERALY hugs your chest with his cuddles. He is crate trained and PREFERS a “toy dog” crate with a comfy little bed inside for him to curl up in. While in his crate, he sleeps. That’s it. Not a noise. Not a peep. Just sleep. He has been in our foster program for 2 weeks on September 30th and we have literally heard him bark ONE time. That’s it. He really had to potty. That’s all it was! He is good with anything and anyone. He is a little timid but has no problems meeting new people and going new places. It is not recommended that he go to a home with young children that may accidently hurt him in play. He DOES however love dogs his size and if you place him with a couple, he comes alive with major tail wags and prancing. There is not another like him out there that we have ever seen. He has had such a hard start at life yet he acts as if he knows that he I FINALLY getting a second chance. He is looking for love. That is absolutely ALL he cares about. Well, that and food. He loves meal time. With all of the above being said, here’s what Pedro really needs. He needs someone that is understanding of his qualities and needs, willing to give him the support and love that he deserves, and a relaxing yet enjoyable environment to finish out his years on this earth as he starts his new journey… The journey of a lifetime… The life of a spoiled little lapdog. Are you that person for Pedro? Can you give him the life that he deserves? If so, please read the below information on how to apply for this little lover boy.

Once approved, you will be able to schedule a meeting with an available animal for our upcoming adoption event!
Please note that because our shelter is located in southern Illinois, about 3 hours south of Champaign, our animals are available for adoption in Champaign only during scheduled events, and are available in Murphysboro, IL between events, by appointment. Event information can be found on our home page.


Adoption Fee: $225-$300 (listed in details of this pet)

AT LEAST 3 Wellness Checks

Heartworm Test
Spay/Neuter Surgery
Yearly Rabies Vaccination
Yearly DA2PPv Vaccination
(Distemper/Adenovirus Type-2/ParaInfluenza/Parvovirus)
AT LEAST 3 Rounds of Dewormer
Microchip Implantation/Registration

MARS pets will receive a FREE first exam and 50% spay/neuter discount at Animal Hospital at the Crossing in Champaign, IL (217)356-6387 or Arnett Animal Hospital in Wheeling, IL (847)520-6600!

Adopt Me
Chicago, IL

(312) 505-1471

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