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Peggy Sue / Piggy

American Staffordshire Terrier

Medium  |  Female

Bradenton, Fl


Peggy Sue, also known as Piggy, loves, loves, LOVES humans! Piggy is a low energy dog and is happiest when resting at your feet. She gets playful at times but, as an older girl, she doesn't need to be exercised or amused. She enjoys being let out into the fenced-in backyard a few times a day but within a few minutes she comes right back to the door. She is most content when she is with people. Piggy aims to please. She will go into her crate when asked; simply say 'Piggy, in your fort' and she walks right in. She is the most polite treat-taker you'll ever meet. Piggy has a luxated kneecap that makes her back leg unstable so she sometimes avoids using it while running. It doesn't bother her at all, causes her no pain, and doesn't slow her down one bit.
*** Piggy would really enjoy a quiet home with humans of her very own but can successfully live with other dogs. The perfect adopter would know how to slowly and properly introduce her to the pack. Piggy is currently living with four other dogs ranging from 10 to 45 pounds and is doing well but slow introductions are vital. ***
Like most rescue dogs, Piggy has a story. Piggy was confiscated as part of a hoarding case and was kept in a local shelter for 1 year and 7 days before she was able to be taken into rescue. Because Piggy spent so long in a shelter she used to be reactive when meeting new dogs. Piggy spent the summer going to class to learn how to properly introduce herself. She has done amazing but can still be dog-selective. Because of this we recommend that Piggy go to a home with a yard or to someone who lives in a community where Piggy can be safely leash-walked without fear of encountering a free-roaming dog. Piggy would thrive in a household without other dogs as she doesn't mind being an 'only child' because that just means more attention for her. Located in Gainesville, Florida
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