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1 year, 2 months
Medium  |  Male

Fargo, ND



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Name: Penn
Breed: Shepherd Mix
Age: 1 Year
Size: Medium 56 lbs.
Adoption Donation: $180 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid with cash or check.
Other: Neutered Male, Vaccinations current, Microchip, Older/considerate children

Penn is hoping you'll get your app in; he really wants to be your boy!

Foster Home Feedback
10/10/16: This weekend Penn met with another dog who is around 9 months old and they played constantly! They had so much fun! It’s great to see Penn getting along so well with other dogs. He did however have a few accidents in the house; we think it was because he was so excited by playing, he forgot to let us know. We have discovered that Penn doesn’t like stairs. He will go down the three stairs we have to get into the yard, but he will not go down a whole flight of stairs. At the bottom of a set of stairs this weekend, Penn saw a couple cats. Because he does not like stairs he just sat at the top staring at them. He did not growl, but eventually he did start barking. We are not sure how he would do with cats.
Right now we are still working on basic training like come, sit, down and get off.
Inside Penn listens very well, however outside he is easily distracted. Penn loves
treats and responds better when enticed with them. We are also working on kennel
training by having Penn eat in his kennel and giving him treats when he goes in. He
even occasionally goes in on his own to take a nap!

Penn is a very strong boy and because he is so curious, he tends to pull on his leash
when on a walk and sees any other animals.

10/7/16: Say hello to Penn! Penn is one big lover! Since coming into our home, we have learned a lot about him. He is always looking for cuddles from people, whether you are sitting on the floor or laying on the couch. He will come right up and work his way onto your lap. Penn gets along very well with the other dog in our home, although sometimes they can play a little rough. When playing, Penn can get a little mouthy. He is not trying to be aggressive, he just wants to play with you! He loves playing with toys, but he would much rather chew on them than play fetch.
Outside, Penn loves running around and smelling everything. We have two neighbor dogs who tend to bark and he will bark back and forth with them through the fence. He also barks when he is in his kennel if he knows we are about to leave the house, but other than that, he stays pretty quiet.
When first arriving in our home, Penn marked a few times, but after adjusting and getting comfortable, he hasn’t marked since. Penn is not destructive, but he does try to chew on things like couch cushions, cords, and socks, so we try to make sure to redirect him with the correct items and away from the other things (esp. the cords!).
Penn is not food or toy aggressive at all! Penn and our dog are always sharing toys. We have petted Penn, moved his bowl, and grabbed a couple pieces of food out of his bowl while he was eating and he did nothing but wag his tail.
Because Penn is a big boy and can be a little mouthy and occasionally jumps up, we feel that he would do better in a home without small children. Penn is basically a very large puppy and he would love a family that has the time to work with him on his manners!

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